Under sink pot and pan storage plus sink cover travel location

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We were constantly messing up pots getting scratched by stacking and travel.  Purchased on Amazon an expandable rack.  It goes from one side to the other and holds for us 7 pots & pans.  The one I bough has user adjustable verticle supports.  Once putting everything in place and fitting them, the pots and pans came out.  I used 3 screws to anchor it to the inside of the cabinet floor.  I left just a little room on the right end to put the sink covers.  I purchased at the hardware store a spring loaded clip that mounted to the side wall where the hand holes were.  This way when pushed back against the side, they stay in place well.  We have over 5,000 miles using this and they have not moved, shifted or fallen out yet.

There is still space under the sink for a trash can.