RV Lock Keyless Entry

RV Product Review: RV Lock Keyless Entry Handle

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RV Lock Keyless Entry

RV Lock was kind enough to send us their V4.0 Keyless Entry Handle to try out and make this product review! We've had our eye on this lock for a while now, mainly because we like the idea of being able to give someone the code to our RV in the case of an emergency for our dog, Carmen. If we're out and can't get back in time we can now easily call the campground and ask them to remove Carmen from the RV :) Also, in case you're wondering about the beeps the lock makes in the video, they do have a Silent Mode! If you hold the #1 button for 3-5 seconds until you hear a beep, it will turn off the sound. Simply repeat the process to turn the sound on again.

RV Lock's website: https://www.rvlock.com/

We received the RVLock V4.0: https://www.rvlock.com/collections/frontpage/products/rvlock-v4-0-w-inte...

Additional gasket we bought to prevent leaks: https://www.rvlock.com/collections/accessories/products/gasket

Additional keyfob we bought: https://www.rvlock.com/collections/accessories/products/additional-remot...

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