Ultra-light, easy towing attracted Dawn & Dug to Reflection 150 Series fifth wheel

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For Dawn and Doug Gale, it was the conveniences provided by the Grand Design Reflection 150 Series that made it the right RV for them.

"We were looking for something ultra-light and didn't know Grand Design even made an ultra-light like this," Doug said of the 150 series fifth wheel. "We started looking at the weights of it and talking to the sales people. It sold us on it that it's going to be an easy pull for a half-ton."

Dawn agreed that the easy towing is key for their lifestyle.

"That's the best thing for us because we are traveling all over the United States and we need to get in and out of places easily," Dawn said. "We kayak and do a lot of outdoor stuff. We aren't going to live in a camper; we are going to live in the outdoors but it's great to get your feet up and get out of the heat sometimes and then also I like my hot showers at night." 

When it came down to which 150 series 5th wheel they wanted, Dawn and Doug zeroed in on the 273MK.

"The back kitchen is what sold us on this one," Dawn said. 

She said she also liked the deep sinks and the fact that the 273MK only has one slide out.

"It's not a complicated model," Doug adds as another benefit for them. "It's easy to operate. It's easy to setup. It's a simple but effective camper."

Dawn and Doug recently attended their first Grand Design RV Owners' Rally in Tennessee.

"This has been really enjoyable to get to know a lot of folks," Doug explained. "A lot of good technical stuff has come out on how to operate and ins and outs of the system. It's been really good working with these guys." 

You can learn more about the 273MK by clicking here.